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Recently diagnosed

Hi I’ve been recently diagnosed with 1b1  adenocarcinoma (well differentiated) CIN1 & high grade CGiN 1. I underwent lletz excision in December under general anaesthesia. Ive had my first mri scan which reviled no spread. Wondering if anyone has been through the same i have to have another op soon and is a cone biopsy prefer to having a trachelectomy if its still in the early stages with no spread. 


Thank you 



Hi Sach

I'm the same, 1b1, Adenocarcinoma, well differentiated, High Grade CIN, MRI all clear. I can't advise you on what you should do by any means as that's a very personal choice and I'm guessing we're in different boats - you're possibly younger or wanting children if Trachelectomy is on the cards. I was initially told I needed a Cone Biopsy (more so as another staging/diagnosis step I THINK, still waiting for clarification on this one), but then when I went for the Pre-Op for it, it ended up being an appointment with the surgeon informing me I needed a Radical Hysterectomy.

If you're unclear on what decision to make if they've left them both available to you, I'd have a think about the questions you want specifically answered and have a chat with one of the nurses/surgeons for advice to be able to make an informed decision. There is also the Eve Appeal, it's a charity for Gynae Cancers and you can speak to specialist nurse. However, your hospital will obviously know your specifics, especially the surgeon, so you could always message his secretary/PA and ask to chat with the surgeon again if you're unclear.

Sorry I can't be any help on this one, but this Forum is really good to come to with ANY question (or to rant/offload), regardless how big or small or random :D You'll always find someone who's gone through a similar situation/internal debate etc who'll  be able to share there words of wisdom or experience.

Moomin x

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Thank you 🙂


I was diagnosed with stage 1 A.1 cancer  squamous carcinoma I had a aggressive cone biopsy my margin was my margin was clear I was referred to a gyno/oncologist. I did MRI and pet scan they both showed I may still have something either cancerous or precancerous deeper in my cervix. No spread or invasion in nearby tissues or lymph nodes..🙏🙏🙏 thank God.. I am now scheduled for robotic radical trachelectomy and lymphadenectomy on March 3rd. At first I told my doctor if we coud just do another cone but he wants to the trachelectomy to be 100% safe and cancer free and do a cerclage to preserve my fertility since I still want another baby. He said and assured there's  a 40% chance of pregnancy  and no bed rest and it will be c section for delivery! im scared  but knowing that this was catch early and I could still live longer im forever thankful!!


Hi arjhen

thats good your fertility will be preserved and thank god no further spread. Hope the op on the 3rd goes well. Dont be scared your in safe hands. 

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