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Repeatedly abnormal smear results and VAIN

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Repeatedly abnormal smear results and VAIN

Hi folks, not been on here in a while... most recent smear showed high grade CIN and the VAIN 3 I had removed 2 years ago is now back. Seeing specialist soon to discuss options. Can I ask, has anyone ever had a looong history of abnormal smears- where nothing was ever found on cervix during colposcopy? Also- if you have had this, have you had a hysterectomy and pathology found cancer? My team are now very nervous about my repeatedly abnormal results and are pushing for hyster, but it’s a big op if there’s no actual need for it?! They will prob move area of VAIN at same time.. oh the joys. Anyone with a long history of abnormal smears please get in touch and let me know the outcome. 

Thank you


Hi Nemo,

I do not have much I can say specifically to your situation but wanted to try and offer some support/friendly chat. I have had 3 LLETZ treatments for CIN II or CIN III. Everytime I have the treatment they claim clear margins but HPV still present, them at my 6 or 12 month check up the abnormal cells have returned. I’m off to colposcopy at 1:30pm today for them to have a look at my cervix again due to abnormal bleeding.

With regards to hysterectomy, my last consultant recommended it if abnormal cells returned due to a shortened cervix length and would not be able to tolerate anymore LLETZ treatments. However he left the hospital and my new consultant says I have “plenty” of cervix length left if LLETZ was required again. I won’t know the next course of treatment (if any) until after my appointment today. I think they will only suggest a hysterectomy if they truly believe it’s in your best interests. 

Hope you get some more responses, am here to chat if you would like to. 

C x


Hi Nemo

I have been having treatment every year for 5 yrs now for cin3 and vain3. This year as the cin3 has returned they have to do a total hysterectomy as i have little cervix left like you i dont want to have a big operation unless its neccessary but it seems i have no choice. I had vain3 3 yrs ago had treatment and as of yet it hasnt returned. Its difficult when you have had so much treatment and they decide you need hysterectomy but i guess and hope they know best.

All the best hope things work out for you



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