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I got told I have Adenocarcinoma two days before my scheduled induction which has made me so depressed.  I can't even enjoy the birth of our new daughter.  It was by accident that they found out.  I was having my cervix checked and out popped what appeared to be a polyp.  They sent it down for testing and it came back cancerous.  

I am waiting to get my oncologist appointment but am scared that I have a advanced form of the cancer.  Im also scared that if I beat it I will never feel free or safe due to reoccurence.  I can"t seem to find a lot of people have been living cancer free for twenty plus years.  Im 29 and I just want to see my beautiful daughters grow up and I want to grow old with my husband.



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Im sorry that you are having to deal with this especially at a time when you should be enjoying your daughter.

Im sure someone with more experience of your situation will be along soon. Waiting for staging is just an awful time and I think all of us imagine the worse possible result but they will come back with a treatment plan for you, I speak to a lovely lady on here almost daily who is 20 plus years past diagnosis so please don’t give up hope, I too searched for long term survivors but if you think of 20 years ago people didn’t post on forums or use phones like we do now, when my mum was is Hospital a lady who was 92 told me she had cancer over 30 years ago! What your feeling is very normal and you are in the right place for support x



I’m so sorry that you find yourself 8n this situation. I can’t imagine how difficult this is and at a time when you should be able to focus all your time on your family.

Unfortunately I’ve not had my diagnosis long, 7 weeks so I’m still waiting on final MDT and plan.

I can however empathise with exactly what you feel, I’ve been upset, angry, frustrated, scared and now strangely calm. I think it gets marginally better once you know what stage you have and the plan.

Fingers crossed for you and if I can help, even just to vent at just message.

Good luck xxxx

11th March 2019- 1st ever abnormal smear. (Never missed a smear)

1st May 2019 - Colposcopy with LLETZ

9th May 2019 - diagnosis ?1B Villoglandular adenocarcinoma and high grade CGIN;

22nd and 23rd May 2019 - MRI/CT

29th May - MDT meeting. MRI/CT clear. Amount of tumour 1A stage.

13th June 2nd LLETZ with top hat procedure 

3rd July Confirmed staging 1A1, clear margins on 2nd LLETZ. Scheduled for laparoscopic hysterectomy, keeping ovaries.

29/8/19 Total Laproscopic hysterectomy with ovarian conservation.

26/9/19 pathology confirms NED:-)

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I am so hoping I am the lovely lady Wendy!!

Regardless, I am 22 years past diagnosis for glassy cell adenocarcinoma including lymph node mets. And yes, 1997 did predate the internet as we know it today. 

Wendy is right, people get on with their lives. I only skulk about because I got a second cancer, NOT a recurrence.

So yes I saw my kids grow up, graduate, one is married off and I am pushing for Grannyhood so it can be done, honest!

Don t let it spoil things. These are precious times.

Good luck,

Karen x 


    • Stage 3 Glassy cell adenocarcinoma  1997 (negative smear tests).

Treated with Wertheim's hysterectomy, chemorads.

October 2017- new squamous cell vaginal tumour diagnosed,  probably radiation-induced. 

Total pelvic exenteration on 19th December 2017. 

March 18 Post-op CT scan shows healthy kidneys and successful urostomy and colostomy. No evidence of recurrence. Discharged by urology and colorectal surgeons. 2 down and 2 to go!

June 2018. CT scan shows 2 new pulmonary nodules.  

CT Scan Jan 2019. Nodules gone. No evidence of disease. 

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