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Starting a new job? What happens if it's bad news

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Starting a new job? What happens if it's bad news

I've been lurking for a few weeks now. Bit of back ground. I had my daughter young, I was 17, I had a few smears around then, but they stopped doing them after that as the law changed. When I finally got called back again, it came up with CIN3. I had it treated LLETZ. At the time I really didn't think much about it. It wasn't really explained to me what it meant, or what it was. I just did as I was told by the hospital. I lived away from my main family as my other half was military. I had quite a few huge bleeds after and had to get it checked out at hospital. I was told it was one of those things. 

The last smear I had was fine and I went back to 3 yearly. However, my last recall I missed. I was running my own business and needed to be in the shop constantly - the hours were crazy. On and off over the last year or so I've had my periods acting up. I thought I was just reaching the start of the menopause, my mum was 32 when she started. So at 35 I brushed it off. However, the last 4 months or so I have had bleeding some very light, some small clots inbetween my periods, and when I do get a period it's incredibly heavy.

I tried to book a smear at my local surgery and was told I couldn't get in for another 3 months, so I had to go to their sister surgery in another town. I'm now just waiting for the results. The nurse advised me that it would be 2 weeks as normal. 

But during all this I had decided to close my business and get full time employment, we're buying our first house together and we need the guarenteed income. I got a job offer last week. Which I accepted. If the results come back and it's not good, what do I do about work?

If you've only been there a handful of weeks will they look badly on you asking for time off? I had one interview that told me I had to declare my health before I could be employed, and that was at a school. The one I accepted I don't start till 29th October, but could they let me go during my 6 months probation period if I have to have time off?

Sorry it's a long post, but I am quite worried about the money at the moment, espcially as we need to put a lot in to the new house, it's 200 years old and is listed. I don't want to let the family down by loosing the new job as soon as I start it.

Thank you for your thoughts


Laura xx



I had a slightly similar situation when I was called in for my cone biospy in that I had an interview for a new job a couple of days later. I was then unfortauntely told I needed further surgery so had to delay my start date for my new job. I think any employer would understand this type of issue but it isnt easy to talk about and I totally understand your concerns. I hope the results dont take too long and fingers crossed for you they will be ok! xx

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