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stigma ?

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stigma ?

I feel embarrassed talking about having beginning stages of cervical cancer. I know that there is no reason to be like this but from researching the causes of adenocarcinoma it lists things like: HPV, having multiple sexual partners, having sex early in life, etc. I just feel like people are judging me. Does anyone else feel like this? I catch my self justifying my background to people all of the time. For instance I was talking to my sister in law the other night and said to her, "I can count on one hand how many sexual partners I have had." She never even asked but I just instantly became defensive when she asked how no was doing. If anyone else has felt like this I am looking for ways for myself to get over being like this.

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When I returned from hospital I was accosted in the local supermarket by a neighbour who gleefully told me first that I 'had just had what Kevin's first wife died of' shortly followed by 'nuns can't get it you know'

I gleefully responded that I had had the type that nuns can get :-)

Yes, there are some very stupid and ignorant people on the planet. Just laugh at them. They are wrong


The vast majority of sexually active people have HPV, according to stats here in the US. (75%). Most of the time, your body will just kick it out, but as we know, there are a couple of strains that are nasty and can cause CC. Some people's bodies are better than others at getting rid of HPV. You'll see on here that some people mention a sister or mother or aunt who also has CC, so doctors are thinking that maybe there's a genetic element involved in the body's ability to resisit the virus which is inherited.

Yes, you can increase your risk of acquiring HPV - multiple partners, smoking etc - but ultimately you could just as easily get it from your first partner as your 500th. You could have reduced your risk by never ever having sex or skin to skin contact with anyone ever, but that doesn't really seem to be much of a plan.

Do not feel bad or ashamed. Do not apologize  or be defensive, because people will take their cues from you. You did nothing wrong.

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24 March 16  Annual smears up to date. First abnormal pap.

14 April 16  Cone biopsy plus D&C under GA. 

28 April 16 Staged 1A1. Microinvasive adenocarcinoma. Biopsy had removed  tumour, but CIN 2 in situ. Clear margins, clear uterus. Hysterectomy booked.

10 May 16  CT Scan and XRay clear - yay!

23 May 16 Simple hysterectomy, excluding ovaries

26 May 16 Biopsy of cervix revealed a skip lesion/further tumour ( 2mm x 6mm) higher up. Uterus clear. Still classed as 1a1 so treatment will be 6 monthly check ups.

1st June 16 PET scan clear. Yay!!

13 Dec 16 - first check up.  All good.  Yay!

10th May 17 - 2nd check up. All good. Yay!

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