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Tumor found

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Tumor found

After years of smear abnormalities and undergoing treatment I've this morning been told that I've got a tumor. A number of biopsies have been taken and I was told that these would be rushed through histology and I will be undergoing an MRI scan next week. Feeling a bit numb right now!, and trying not to think the worst :o(


So sorry that you are here, but so glad you have found us.  I've only been here myself since April but have found so much support and so many answers.  The women on here will jump in to support you and help you in any way they can, so welcome.

This news is a huge shock and you are going to feel numb. Try and take one step at a time.  This is very hard to do and I can't always do it, but it does help.  Try and focus on what you know and don't get ahead of yourself. You are unfortunately experiencing one of the worst bits of all this - the waiting. Waiting for tests, results, appointments etc is utterly dreadful and soul sapping. Once things start happening you will feel better.  Knowing what is going on and then getting your treatment plan is a much much better place to be. 

We're all here for you, so jump back on and vent if it helps or ask questions or whatever. I found it sooo helpful to not feel alone.

Take care.

24 March 16  Annual smears up to date. First abnormal pap.

14 April 16  Cone biopsy plus D&C under GA. 

28 April 16 Staged 1A1. Microinvasive adenocarcinoma. Biopsy had removed  tumour, but CIN 2 in situ. Clear margins, clear uterus. Hysterectomy booked.

10 May 16  CT Scan and XRay clear - yay!

23 May 16 Simple hysterectomy, excluding ovaries

26 May 16 Biopsy of cervix revealed a skip lesion/further tumour ( 2mm x 6mm) higher up. Uterus clear. Still classed as 1a1 so treatment will be 6 monthly check ups.

1st June 16 PET scan clear. Yay!!

13 Dec 16 - first check up.  All good.  Yay!

10th May 17 - 2nd check up. All good. Yay!


Thank you so much for your support, I feel so numb right now. It's nice to know there is support out there. 


We all certainly will jump in with our advice and support, you have found a great place.  

Stay away from google - it won't give you any real answers and I found the facebook support group caused me more upset than good.  All you need is here.

Until you've got your results you will be in limbo cos until then you won't know your treatment or what to prepare for. As much as you can go about your normal routine. Maybe start building up your immunity ready for whatever treatment is thrown at you and get plenty of fresh air and exercise.  Keep hydrated. This will help get your body well prepared for whatever it takes to get rid of whatever they find x 


Thank you for your reply, and your advice and support.

I feel so numb right now, but I am trying to carry on with normality!

I am quite an active person, I go to the gym most nights and do yoga.  I eat as balanced diet as I can.  I don't drink much alcohol, but I will certainly be cutting right back now. I will be preparing my body as best I can.


Hugs to you fifik. We are all here for you. The waiting really is the worst, thankfully your Mri is next week which isn't too long to wait although this will feel like forever to you. Fingers crossed your tumour has been discovered early stages. Take care x 



November 2015 - colposcopy, numerous biopsies taken, too painful and too much to remove during colposcopy.    

21st January 2016 - lletz under GA.    5th February 2016 - diagnosed CIN3, CGIN and adenocarcinoma suspected stage 1, tumour 15mm X 1.9mm.    

8th March 2016 - MRI.    9th March 2016 - mdt meeting confirmed stage 1b1, no suspected spread to lymph nodes. Treatment required is radical hysterectomy 

24th March 2016 - radical hysterectomy incl ovaries and 14 lymph nodes - no spread

(previously Shazzal)


Thank you for your support, it means so much that all you lovely ladies who have already been through it are all therefore each other - it's really heart warming.

I am feeling a little better today, I am at work keeping myself busy to stop my mind from racing!

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Hi Fifi :-)

So sorry to read your news :-( Of course you feel numb and a bit scared (((((HUGS))))) As the others have already said, we are here for you and best not to look anywhere else :-) I just want to reassure you that this is a very curable cancer, the treatment for it is not so awful nor difficult to cope with and you are obviously a generally fit and healthy woman. I think that means you can look forward to a very long and active life ahead of you :-)

(((((MORE HUGS)))))

Be lucky :-)


Thank you so much for your support, and the hugs - they're much needed.

I am just going to take each day at a time; I am feeling better today but know there will be a lot of ups and downs ahead of me.

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