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I had my coloscopy appoing around a couple months ago as my smear came back hpv positive with abnormal cells. At the coloscopy the doctor said that he can definitely tell I have hpv just by looking at my cervix and that I have slight abnormal cell changes, I also saw that it was high risk but wasnt told what type or cin it is. I tend to over think alot so I'm so worried that it's just going to aggressively turn into something bad. I'm unsure on what I can do to help my body get rid of it, if my body can. The point is what can I do to help my body fight the hpv and abnormal cells and with what the coloscopy doctor said should I be worried? x

Lemon Lavender



What treatment have you have so far?


A healthy balanced diet, and moderate regular, exercise as well as not smoking and possibly taking some vitamins are advice I've seen given before on this forum for others in a similar situation. X

6/1 LLETZ 

14/4 1a1 cancer

26/4 LLETZ & endo biopsies 

Diary of experience: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/forum/cervical-screening-smear-test/what-were-your-waiting-times


I havent had any treatments, I just have another appointment in the next year. Thankyou for your help do you know which vitamins I should take or would it be the multivitamins x


I take an immunity vitamin which includes B, D and E

also selenium and zinc

i take AHCC mushrooms and turmeric 

plus some greens which come in a drink 

but I'm a bit into this - this might be overkill :) 


Age 55

first HPV positive and abnormal smear test result (borderline) December 2020/January 2021. Definitely a new infection from the last 4 and a half years.  

Colposcopy -March 2021,seemed low risk.

Biopsy showed CIN2

LLETZ May 24th, or earlier if I get a cancellation.