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Symptoms post-colposcopy

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Symptoms post-colposcopy

Hi all, 

Posting here as I feel like I am seriously in need of some shared experiences!

I had a colposcopy to treat an erosion on my cervix on Monday 22nd March. My period popped up on the same day, which I thought was the reason for the following, but the jury's currently out. But long story short here's a timeline of my experience so far...


  • 22/03: Colposcopy (and period starting), followed with light pains but enough blood to drown a pad every 3 hours. It was so bad, the blood was dripping out of me like a tap.
  • 25/03: Bleeding FINALLY stops and I start to feel more human (less tired)
  • 28/03: Bleeding shows signs of starting again
  • 29/03: Rang GP because it's heavier than the day before, tell me to call next few days if it carries on
  • 30/03: Rang GP, then Colposcopy clinic because blood is heavy again, end up in A&E having a variety of tests followed by an emergency gynae appointment where I was inspected, told it looked fine but put some acid on the cervix to stop anymore and told it'll stop in a day's time. Also told it was unlikely but worth being treated for a potential infection so prescribed antibiotics (which I've now completed).
  • Then to Friday: daily blood, around a tbsp per day, but have been so prescribed tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding.

So with all of that going on, I have non-stop since 22/03 experienced bloating after eating. It was worse whilst on antibiotics, but has since returned to post-Colposcopy levels of bloating about 30 mins - 1 hr after food... I now let rip the most horrendous belches (again, not normal for me!) that are borderline uncontrollable. My partner can't quite believe my 5ft2 frame is capable of these belches, they're that bad!

I've never been known to bloat, not even on my period. Usually, only when eaten too much dairy (which was a rarity). However, it's after every meal without fail at the moment and, after everything that's gone on so far, I'm not sure what to do with myself?! I feel like if I ring my GP again I'm going to sound silly or just hypochondriac, but my body has not been right since my colposcopy...

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to resolve it?


Biopsy January 2020Erosion of Cervix diagnosed Jan 2020Colposcopy to treat March 2021

Lemon Lavender

Hi Coral,

It sounds like you're having a real tough time of it.


I have definitely read of others having issues with bloating on the forum, but as it's not something I've experienced I haven't really taken it.


If you use the search bar you may be able to find previous posts. Also with so much going on do ring your GP. Potentially it could be caused by the stress rather than the surgery itself too.


Please let us know how you get on x

6/1 LLETZ 

14/4 1a1 cancer

26/4 LLETZ & endo biopsies 

Diary of experience: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/forum/cervical-screening-smear-test/what-were-your-waiting-times


Everyone seems to have a different experience from what I'm reading. I had lletz under local didn't know ga was even an option... I totally would have taken that... my experience was bleed seven days post lletz clots dripping blood was told by colposcopy normal as long as dont fill two pads in an hour... it got worse later that day so I rang gp who put me on antibiotics to treat infection.. the day before I finished antibiotics I stopped bleeding. Day after I finished antibiotics bleeding and clots came back rang gp again as colposcopy said normal gp said not. He put me on a different antibiotic which is actually killing my stomach... stopped bleeding the next day after he started it so I was relieved. Stopped bleeding for five days while I was on antibiotics. Day after I stopped bleeding and clots returned.plus I felt more like a urine infection.. On my last stab at antibiotics same ones as they seemed to work but killing my stomach. Bright red blood gone just spotting and pink. At the moment not feeling need to constantly urinate anymore im the opposite. When I go into toilet I sit and it takes a few seconds before I can actually pee. Kinda like I have to make it come out. I don't know if my experience helps in anyway but I know for reading some of the others on here I felt a bit more like ppl understood what I'm going through some have it better some absolutely worse. I just keep telling myself it had to be done to get rid of precancer cells and if it prevents the big c I'd do it all over again. I should mention I suffer with panic and anxiety so this has all set it off