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1 Year Follow-Up

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1 Year Follow-Up

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had results like mine and what came of it at their 6 month/1 year follow-up?
I have HPV16 *high-risk*. I did not know this until January 2016 (as it had shown up in 2014 as well, but normal pap then). This time I had moderate dysplasia on my pap result. I did the colposcopy/biopsy (3 areas). I was called in for my results, thinking the worst and to my surprise she said the biopsies came back as normal. I even pulled my medical paperwork to prove it and read through it all. It said no dysplasia found.

Could they have gotten it all off with the pap swab somehow? I am going back for my yearly next month and I am so worried that the results will come back as abnormal again and I have to go through this all again. I did not do well with the colpo as the speculum hurt so bad for some reason that time, especially being in there so long compared to a pap, the biopsies did not bother me though. The main part that i hated was whatever they shoved up there to stop the bleeding HURT SO BAD - felt like a cold fist going in!

Anyhow, does anyone have similar results to mine? Or have already been to their one year? I am wondering why the pap showed one thing and the biopsies showed normal?

12 January 2016 - Results: High Grade Abnormal Cells / HPV+

25 January 2016 - Colposcopy/Biopsy

2 February 2016 - Biopsy showed no dysplasia/no hpv changes (although Dr. saw via Colpo). Inflammation of cervix/polyps. HPV16 positive. Repeat pap in 12 months. 

February/March 2017 - All Clear. Normal Pap. HPV Neg. 

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