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6 Month Review.

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6 Month Review.

Hi ladies, 

I had my 6 month review smear and hpv test 5 weeks ago, i called after 4 weeks to be told they had a massive backlog in admin. 

So i have called them again today and she said my results are back from the lab but a specialist nurse needs to check it first befire they send out a letter. 

Unfortunately this particular nurse is now on annual leave until 10th august! So I'm thinking if they are leaving it it is probably good news. But is this standard procedure?  I kind of thought it came back from the lab and from there they could see if things were ok or not! Maybe really naive of me! 

Thanks in advance x

1st Oct- 1st Smear 15th Oct- Results, Severe Abnormal Cells, High Grade Dyskaryosis 29th Oct- Colpscopy & LLETZ 11th Nov- Results, CIN3 Changes 25th June- 6 Month Review Smear & HPV Awaiting Results...

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