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12 months post Lletz for CIN-3. I need some reassurance/advice/a vent.

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12 months post Lletz for CIN-3. I need some reassurance/advice/a vent.

Hi everyone, 


Last time I posted I was 3 weeks post treatment and miserable. Things seemed to improve (at least physically) and I’m 12 months post treatment as of yesterday. I had a retest smear (I had to go back because the nurse couldn’t get to my cervix the first time.) and it came back as ‘negative for HPV’. 


Fast forward to now and I am worried about some things that haven’t settled. Firstly my periods have still been all over the place. I’m 32, and whilst I know I’m far from the menopause I sometimes feel like they’re akin to it. I have had late periods and they don’t seem to last even half the time they used to. The last couple of months they’ve been awful, with last months lasting 9 days (they used to be 7 and then went to 4) and this months being two days late and then me spending two days in bed in agony. I’ve been suffering with back pain for a couple of months now with no obvious cause. (The doctor thinks it’s muscular but I don’t do anything that could cause an injury as I’m a stay at home parent to two kids, 12 and 3) I’m seeing the GP again in a week but I feel at a loss. I’m in pain, my periods being out of sorts is a first and whilst I’ve been hospitalised for pain before now it’s always been blamed on ‘ovulation’ and that has been it. Obviously the previous cell diagnosis has made me even more concerned and worried. The stress of last time caused my hair to fall out and I can’t get to that point but I also need to be taken seriously because the fact things are still out of sorts this far along just doesn’t feel right. Am I right to be concerned? Does it really affect periods this much? Has anyone else had this to find it to be something else? I just need some reassurance (and a hug). I had a complete mental breakdown last time and I just can’t go through that again. I’m still picking up the pieces and I haven’t the strength to keep battling doctors when my pain is genuine. 


Thank you