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12 week wait - anxiety problems.

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12 week wait - anxiety problems.

Hello - I feel really silly for posting here, there are so many people dealing with cancer diagnosis’ and I haven’t even had my results back yet. I had my smear around 8 weeks ago now and haven’t had any results yet. I called my GP today and they’ve said it would be another 6 weeks until I hear anything :( my problem is that I am now managing to utterly convince myself of the worst. 

I had a problem a few months ago with bleeding between periods, I went to the docs and they did a pelvic exam and ran a lot of tests for infection and found nothing. I then changed my pill and the problem was solved. 

As well as this, sometimes when I have sex it doesn’t ‘hurt’ as such, but is very uncomfortable ‘deep inside’ but goes away after the first few minutes. 


Aside from this I have no symptoms - but I’m such a worrier and I’m just terrified that another 6 week wait is going to drive me mad! I was just hoping for some reassurance I guess :( 


thank you for reading ! 


I know it's difficult not to worry, however usually if there is something abnormal then you would get your results much sooner.

They go through 2 screening processes. 1 person will check the cells and if they don't see anything they move it along with the rest of the non-urgent ones where eventually a 2nd person will have a look to confirm everything is fine.

If the first person see's abnormal cells, then the 2nd person check them much sooner to confirm and then the results get sent out sooner.

This is what my nurse explained to me when i had my smear test, so hopefully no news is good news.

I had mine back within 3 weeks and they were abnormal. I had been told minimum 6 weeks. Mine were mild changes but still got them back fairly quickly. Just so you can see a difference. I'm sure you'll be fine.

It's easy for me to say because i worried after i received my results, but until you get your results, worrying will just not help you right now. Try to focus on other things to keep your mind off it.

March 2019 - low grade dyskaryosis.

April 2019 - colposcopy and punch biopsy.

May 2019- Results show HPV changes only. No CIN - follow up smear in 3 years.


That is ridiculous.this needs to stop.i have just received my results of 'minor changes' and to have a repeat in 6 months.ive waited 6 weeks for the letter.now I have an anxious 6 months to wait.this is my 3rd time of having abnormal smears and resulting in 2 colposcopy.i dont blame you for being anxious as I am too now.all you can do is wait unfortunately.i hope it's all ok.