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Abnormal cells and HPV+

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Abnormal cells and HPV+

hi there everyone,

so i am 21 years old. my entire life pain with my reproductive organs has been common for me. likely due to my tilted uterus and possible endometriosis.

november 2019 my boyfriend of two years who suffers from cold sores on his mouth transmitted the disease to my genital area, to this day i only ever had one small sore and no re occurrence. then i had an IUD placed dec 2019, was in the ER in january with stabbing pains in my abdomen (every scan was clear)sex has always been a little uncomfortable but in the last year it has gotten extremely painful. i went to my gynecologist & she told me to ring her if i had any more problems. (it became on and off pain. sometimes i was ok other times i wasnt). in the past 6 months i have began spotting a little bit after sex. nothing crazy, a few wipes and its gone, i was concerned and it kept happening so i saw my gynecologist 4 days after my 21st birthday so i would be eligible for a smear test. she called me a week later and said my smear was abnormal and that i will be having a colposcopy. she didnt specify cell changes (high or low) but said that if she was concerned shed send me right to the ER. 

my symptoms are concerning me & now this positive test. im having such terrible anxiety that something is very very wrong. im so young. i became sexually active at 15, when i was 17 i became extremely promiscuous and had many sexual partners which i now regret. ive been in a stable steady relationship for a little over 2 years now. we live together and there has been no cheating. how could i still have this virus. if it didnt clear up in two years does that mean ive had it a long time and its bad?!?