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Agus pap

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Agus pap

So I had my annual pap 1 week ago and was on the last day of my menstrual cycle and being the nosey nurse I am i looked up my results on the lab corp site saw they were abnormal  and almost passed out.  I had an abnormal about 13 years ago and it was ASCUS I had a colposcopy and cryosurgery for dysplasia. I get my paps routinely every year and they have all been normal up until now. Im so worried & afraid everything I  read about an AGUS pap result is negative and scary. I go on Tuesday  for a colposcopy, cervical biopsy, and endometrial biopsy. Im beyond worried the thought of possibly having cancer is consuming my mind.  I just lost my mom last year to lung cancer & I'm just sad.  I'm trying to think positive  & tell myself it will be OK. My pap in 7/19 was normal 8/20 abnormal. How bad can things go in 13 months? 


I am so sorry that you find yourself here, and the panicked/dark/sad feelings are totally normal. Waiting to know something is the worst part of all medical scares. I wish I had magic words to calm you, but I would just say to try to stay busy and distract yourself. Al the dark thinking does nothing productive; it just wears you out. Listen to music, take a walk, call a friend, do a workout or yoga. Anything to get your mind elsewhere. Best of luck. Sending you positive energy for the wait.


11/18Abnormal Pap CINIII

12/18Colpo confirmsCINIII

12/18Cold Knife cone biopsy confirms CiNIII, clear margins-doctor suggest hysterectomy

1/19 second opinion-close monitoring appropriate

5/19, 8/19 paps and colpos CIN I

2/20 Pap reveals CIN III

3/17/20 Lietz under GA

3/20/20 Diagnosed with invasice cervical cancer, no clear margins

5/12/20Radical Hysterectomy, Lymph node dissection, ovarian transposition-Staged 1B1-no further treatment needed

Follow up 9/28/20