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Annual check up

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Annual check up


last year I was told I was HPV+ and low grade dyskaryosis. 
After a colposcopy it was confirmed CIN 1 and referred back to my Doctor for a repeat smear in one year. 

Now the time has come and I have my smear booked for next Thursday. I am absolutely petrified that it's gotten worse! I'm trying to stay positive that it's hopefully gone but the negative keeps outweighing the positive. 

has anyone got any success stories to cheer me up of CIN 1 with positive HPV being gone at the yearly checkup?

thank you  

Jan 19 - smear test

Feb 19 - low grade dyskaryosis and positive HPV

March 19 - colposcopy and punch biopsy - awaiting results

April 19 biopsy confirmed CIN 1 and to have a repeat smear in 1 year


It is completely natural to worry but I'm sure that you have read the statistic that 70% of CIN1 clears up by itself in a year and only 5% gets worse.

Odds are definitely in your favour - good luck!

Jx (I like stats)


As Julia said above, you will naturally worry. 

I had severe dyskaryosis at my first smear and I was treated efficiently. Whatever the results, know that you will be in the right hands. 


Good luck ❤


I am in the exact same situation! Thank god I'm not on my own.

I had my letter through a couple of months ago and if I'm honest I've still not rebooked it, I suffered so badly after that biopsy last year I just don't want to put myself through it again, and I'm just trying to completely ignore the fact it could be worse this time, I'm hoping I can drag myself out of this head space soon as I know I need to go but it's so hard!



1st Cervical Screening Jan 4th 2019.

Abnormal Cells and HPV positive.

Colcoscopy and biopsy 13th Feb 2019.

Yearly Screens.