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Anyone else can't get rid of HPV? :(

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Anyone else can't get rid of HPV? :(

I've had HPV since at least 2017.

Had a smear every year. Each time I've had abnormal cells and needs to go to the hospital.

Recently had a smear, the results were inadequate so I need to go back in 3 months but it said I was still HPV

Ugh! Its been at least 4 years now :( what if it never goes? Am I gonna get cancer eventually? Ugh! Why won't it go :( 

How do people know what HPV it is? Like 16 or 18? My letters over the years have never said

Jan 17 - Smear test results showed HPV+ and borderline changes

Mar 17 - Had a colposcopy, nurse said looked to be high risk/severe changes. Punch biopsy done.

Now awaiting results.

  1. Hello, I am in a similar situation to you!  I've had HPV for three years with abnormal cells also detected.  These started as low grade, they then cleared up however my recent smear has detected moderate abnormal cells and HPV remains?  I have my colposcopy appointment this afternoon so will ask the consultant for his opinion. Sorry I can't help with your question but I know how confusing it all feels. Hope you are getting on ok!