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Apparently normal smears

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Apparently normal smears

Hi all,
I was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer Feb 16. Smears were up to date (I was due another later in the year I was diagnosed) and all normal-or so I thought.......... I went through the interlace trial- 6wks of chemo, 5 weeks of chemo and radio, then brachytherapy. To cut a very long story short, I wasn’t happy with how my GP treated me when I went with my initial worries (in the summer of 2015). After all my treatment had finished I found myself very angry at this GP and went to a no win no fee medical negligence site for advice. After the initial signs of negligence, it was put forward that I wouldn’t achieve any closure due to the situation being my word against the GP’s. Anyway, 2 years into investigating this it was found that there were abnormalities in my 2013 smears that weren’t picked up on. So from the initial intent for closure from the gp, it then developed into this undiagnosed smear test that was to be the issue. 3 years later, I have just had closure to all this and a compensation payout from the hospital trust. No matter what you get told, always take it further, ask that extra question and get things checked into detail no matter how big or small you think the matter is. I have lost trust in all my gp services and have been scarred for life both mentally and physically. Without trying to scare anyone, I just wanted to make people aware that these issues are possible but hope it never happens to anyone else.