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Black spots, tough cervix and red

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Black spots, tough cervix and red

My background is i have had CIN3 twice and 2 lletz treatments. My last 2 smears were clear.

I went to the GP back in march to advise that symptoms had returned. I was bleeding and clotting every period, i was all over the place with my periods, pains in my pelvic and stomach and i couldnt have sex due to the pain.

She requested a smear but it was declined. I was referred to colposcopy in april and they did a quick check and because of history decided a laproscopy was needed and maybe womb ablation but there was a 9 month waiting list. A smear test was never done.

Fast forward to now and all my symptoms are still there but i started to notice a funny smell down below. I bought thrush stuff and thought nothing more until the smell didnt go away.

Anyway, today i had invasive swabs by the nurse and she was really concerned by what she saw. There are 2 black spots on my cervix, it was very red and very tough and apparently a cervix shouldnt be tough. It didnt bleed when she touched it but she said it was because she was using a soft swab. It she had used the brush she believes it would have.

She is getting my GP to call me Monday to discuss next course of action but my question is has anyone else had this and its ended up being cancer. I am kicking myself now for not pushing for the smear test or paying privately back in april when it was dismissed and am now fearing the worst

Sorry for the long post and thank you if you got to the end xx




I didn't want to read and not reply. I haven't gone through that but have had CIN3 cells removed before and having the same symptoms back and not due a smear till next year. However, you said you had a colposcopy, and I thought they could see the abnormal cells on that using the dye stuff? As that is the next step after abnormal smears. Did you speak to the doctor today? 

I am having a phone call with my doctor tomorrow to discuss my ultrasound results. 

Hope everything is ok for you.