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Hi me again I did a post last month about unsusual bleeding I  have the implant as contraceptive it was changed last March since iv had these implants iv never had monthly periods some get them and others don't I was told , 9years iv used it for and it works for me iv not had any problems with it so I'm thinking maybe it's not the reason who knows tho right ?.

anyways last month I bled for 15 days then stopped for about 6/7days then started bleeding again this month in total iv been bleeding 23 days so this is very unlike me , i rang the doctors last week as I'd had enough and after previous history(see signatures down below ) he's referred me urgently to gynaecologist I'm hoping il get an appointment soon and get sorted  he's also today prescribed me with tranexamic acid medication but I know It's not a long term solution to take them for the long run just after some advice or reassurance this site and you ladies have been godsends with information and help last year when I going through my colposcopys and results x Tia x 


Smear march 19 above abnormal results with hpv

Colposcopy for biopsy April 19- maybe cin1

Biopsy results may19- cin2 larger area of cells 

July 19 lletz procedure under  local awaiting results 

4 weeks post lletz rang hospital results came back cin3 and now detected in my glandular cells waiting MDT for next steps

aug 30th : MDT meeting discussed changed to CGIN as cells present in my cervical canal & glandular cells repeated lletz needed cells not within margin possibility under GA

 sept 13th : meeting with doctor confirms CGIN and cin3 , 2nd lletz preformed 

oct 4th : letter with results all clear no abnormalities test of cure in 6 months