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Bleeding 9 days after smear

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Bleeding 9 days after smear


I had a smear last wednesday and have been bleeding since, has anyone experienced this?

Background info - This is a follow up smear, in 2017 I had a colposcopy due to abnormal cells, 2018 I had a normal smear and this was the follow up to those.

I do not get periods as am on the depo prover a. 

I'm engaged so not an sti, 

I spoke briefly to a doctor on Monday who said there is nothing she can do until my results come through, which is absolutely understandable it's just I'm a little concerned as the nurse who did my smear said I should see a doctor as it was concerning that I've been bleeding post sex and my cervix looked sore however I also know that if there's an issue I'll just been reffered for a colposcopy.

So I know it's just sit and wait, I've never had results earlier than the two week mark so just m brain overworking. 


Stacey x