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Bleeding after sex

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Bleeding after sex


Sorry Im new, not sure if im in the right forum.


Bit of back story...

When I was 25 I went for my first smear, it came back high grade dyskarosis. I had the Lletz treatment after the colposcopy. I had smears quite frequently but then release back to every 3 years. 

I have been with my husband for 13 years now. And about 5 months ago i started bleeding after sex. Quite a lot but I put it down to coming on or off my period. Its starting happening more frequently. Maybe 60% of the time.

It didnt hurt, just when we were finished both he and I were covered in blood. I went to the GP and he recommened I go for a STI test, i did and it came back all clear.

By now it has increased to maybe 80% of the time when were are having sex. I called them again and explained its now so bad, i have to change the sheets. Its everywhere. I was told this isnt normal and they have to refer me to Gynacology. So yesterday I received a letter to go for an pelvic scan both internally and externally on the Sunday the 20th December. I then have to go to the gynacology deaprtment on the 29th December.

I have also been getting dull aching in my pelvis, usually when im at work.


Im terrified, im not going to lie. Part of me is like, if they thought it was serious, they would of had me in sooner. But there is also a pandemic and im grateful i am just getting an appoitment at all.

My doctor called and I had to go for a blood test last night too. They didnt tell me what they were checking for but to see me at 8pm last night.


Im 31 and had 2 children.

I cant stop googling things which isnt helping. 

If anyone has been through or going through anything similar, please get intouch.