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Bleeding and Cramping After Smear - Never Happened Before

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Bleeding and Cramping After Smear - Never Happened Before

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has experience this...

I had Stage 1 Cervical Cancer back in 2015 and it was removed with a couple of loop treatments. So I have very little cervix left!

I've had yearly smears since with no issues but since last Thursday's smear, I have been bleeding and cramping.

It was the same lovely nurse as usual (a mum of my daughter's classmate! 😖) and it didn't hurt at the time.

Just wondering if now, 6 days on, I should be speaking to the nurse / GP. The pain and bleeding hasn't been constant but it had never been like this after a smear before.

Thoughts? Thanks!



June 2015 Abnormal Smear

13th July 2015 Colposcopy & LLETZ

21st July 2015 Diagnosed with 1A2 cervical cancer

27th July 2015 MDT meeting downgraded it to 1A1

28th July 2015 Second LLETZ procedure - awaiting results

August 2015 - All clear!


Hi Spacio,

Just wondering how you got on. Did you speak to your GP in the end? I hope your symptoms settled quickly.