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Bleeding during sex 2 years post Lletz LEEP

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Lucinda watkins
Bleeding during sex 2 years post Lletz LEEP


I had my first smear at 25YO following the birth of my son now 4 YO.

After finding out I had abnormal CIN3 cells I was referred for colposcopy March 2017 where I had LLETZ or LEEP ad it's sometimes referred as. Following recovery after 6 weeks I had intercourse and all fine. 

All has been fine up until 4 months ago (spilt up from child's father and started new relationship)  First time we had intercourse I bled, i was shocked but he was such a gent hence why I'm hanging into him.  Confused as to what was going on I assumed my period had come a week early, 3 days later I came in my period properly. 

Doctor said most likely related to period so left it. Period finished tried intercourse again, bled again. Went back to doctor for examination said my womb felt puffy (like 12 weeks pregnant puffy... I'm not pregnant by the way) from this she sends me for external and internal ultrasound to look to fibroids or polyps. Nothing there and deffo no pregnancy, womb was as fine measurements.

Left with no answers, back to doctors. I here then insist she sends me to hospital for closer examination.

3rd July 2019 i have another colposcopy where the nurse tells me the bleeding is coming from scar tissue where I had my LLETZ 2 years ago? She advised cauterising the area using silver nitrate, no tampons or sex for 4-7 days and then that should solve the issue. I left it for two weeks then tried intercourse, bled badly! 

Called nurse for advice and she tells me other than cautery nothing can really be done??

There must be someone here who can help me understand what is going on with my body?! Feel un sexy and completely disconnected from my own body :( also this is having a knock on effect on my own well being and constantly in fear my parter will up and off, even tho he's told me there's no chance of that happening. 

Thank you