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Bloody discharge/bleeding - painful cervical screening

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Bloody discharge/bleeding - painful cervical screening

Hi guys,

Around June/July I noted a change in my vaginal discharge, I then got a letter my first smear is due. I mentioned to the nurse about the change and said it was normal before periods etc. and if anyhting more changes them see my GP - my smear test results came back negative so this gave me so peace of mind. 

Sep 11th I notced blood in my discharge but left it to see if it would stop - Oct 8th I phoned my doc and explained and said it was posssibly an infection and put me on antibiotics for 7 days. It didnt clear up and that's when I started to notice bleeding, along with bloody discharge still. I told my doc and said i needed vaginal swabs done but couldnt get in to see the nurse until Nov 6th but because I was worried sick and bleeding was more persistant I went to the walk-in on Oct 22nd and got an appt to see a Gynacologist on Oct 27th.

When I went to see the Gynacologist, I had swabs done but she couldn't look at my cervix due to the pain i was in (I had this problem with my smear) but becasue she could't look at my cervix my anxiety has gone even worse than it was becuase what if my smear results were wrong and it's something more sinister. I have scans booked for Nov 4th and was mentioned they might want to do internal scan too which i'm scared that might not be able to be performed due to pain. 

I have PCOS and on Microgynon (combined pill) so i'm hoping it could be related to that and nothing cancerous.