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Brown spotting/clots and sore cervix

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Brown spotting/clots and sore cervix


I have been experiencing brown spotting for the last couple of months, lasting about 9 days between cycles. It is usually light brown and watery when I wipe and sometimes is a little heavier and I need to use a liner. Today when I wiped I had quite a large amount of dark brown jelly stringy like discharge - I've had a bit of this before but never as much as this. I also feel sore high up in my Vagina (assuming cervix) and experiencing some slight discomfort when I pass urine.

I have googled and googled and can't find anything with exactly these symptoms.

Has anyone else experienced this or have an idea what it could be?

My last smear was 3 years 3 months ago and was clear (am slightly overdue now due to covid).

My GP is calling me tomorrow afternoon but I've worked myself up thinking it's CC.

Thank you for reading x


Just as an update incase anyone else has these symptoms, I have had a phone consultation with my GP today and he think I may have a UTI and has prescribed anti biotics. I'm not convinced, but will see how I go with them. 


Hello, I'm going to keep updating this thread incase it one day helps someone going through the same symptoms as me.

After over 2 weeks, the watery brown blood when I wipe has mostly stopped and I am now getting what looks like ovulation discharge tinged with a bit of light brown.

My husband thinks it's all down to stress and I've also gained weight over the last 6 months since lockdown. I've been stressed and gained weight before though and this has never happened. 

It is my first day of taking antibiotics (macrobid) so I will update on symptoms next week once I've finished the course.

I have also downloaded an app called Flo to keep a track of things x


Just as an update, it is day 4 of my antibiotics and everything has cleared up. No cervix pain, no discomfort passing urine and no spotting. I am going to see what happens after my next period which is in about 8 days as I'm still not convinced all this has been caused by a UTI x


Wanted to update this post, same thing happened again this month so it's definitely not a UTI. Only difference is the brown spotting isn't as frequent. I have also discovered a lump quite high up, which is obviously concerning. Although I'm not sure if it's always been there?! Who knows! I've got an appointment with my GP in person tomorrow and they've already said I will likely be referred to a gynaecologist for the spotting alone.

 I hope by keeping this post updated I can one day help someone else with the same symptoms. I've really struggled to find information or accounts on exactly what I am experiencing x