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Can't get a smear test despite having symptoms

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Can't get a smear test despite having symptoms

Hi all, i went to my doctor to request a smear test approx 2 months ago after experiencing irregular bleeding. I also have an ache in the very bottom of my back/spine near the tail bone amd im tired most of the time! Was told not to worry and to wait until my next smear (due November) I've now had my letter for the test but my doctors surgery is waiting for a new nurse to start so cannot book me in for another 3-4 weeks! My local sexual health clinic no longer carry out the tests. Does anyone have any other ideas where I can go to get tested? Im really starting to worry and dont want to wait another month for my doctors surgery to get a nurse in! Thanks

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Sorry to hear you've got this worrying and somewhat frustrating situation.  I know that the anxiety, I felt from the moment I got some unusual symptoms in 2016, really messed with my perspective. 

I don't think waiting another month for your smear test will have a significant effect on your medical outcome.  The only thing I can suggest, if you decide you really feel you don't want to wait for your test, is to go private.  But I don't have any experience of going down that route.

There are a multitude of conditions that could explain your symptoms.  I think, if it was me, I'd wait for the smear in November.  Meanwhile I'd consider revisiting the GP (maybe a different one assuming there's more than one in your surgery).  I would say that I'm increasingly worried about my irregular bleeding etc and would appreciate his/her advice - I wouldn't ask for a smear, but let them decide.  It's always good to think about what you want to say in the appointment and maybe write it down, beforehand.

Hope this helps in some way?





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I have to say I agree with Jazza, another month is not likely to make any difference however your alternative is going private. 

Good luck xxx

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26/9/19 pathology confirms NED:-)

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Hi Worsel

I think if you are having these symptoms they need to be investigated, not necessarily by a smear test. Any symptoms need a closer look at-the smear is a screening test, not a diagnostic test so I think I’d be pushing my gp to have further investigation of what you’re experiencing. xx

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