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Cervical cancer

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Cervical cancer

Hi I hope you don't mind me writing here! I really need some advice I'm really scared and dont no wot to think! I went to the doctor's because I was having problems down there, watery discharge, really painful intercourse, sometimes felt like it was hitting something  or just didn't fit, i felt too small in side! bleeding after sex (but not loads) also pain in my groin which is going into my thigh, just on right side tho! My doctor had a look and took two swaps one was for sdt and the other I believe was for infections but not 100% sure she said my cervix was inflamed and said she could see I had ectropion! I got my results back 3 days later she said sdt was all clear and the other showed no growth! She had another look she said the information had gone down and just above my ectropion she said she could see a grey mass and I needed an urgent referral to gynaecology! She told me she suspected cervical cancer! After she said that I can't shutdown and can't remember anything she said I feel so silly I've never had a smear before I really don't no wot to think anymore x


Hi I'm so sorry ure going through this an nobody answered Hz did ure apps go it's a while ago this post ? I can't give any advice I just didn want to leave without wishing u luck xx