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Cervical cancer worries

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Cervical cancer worries

Hi, I’m new to this, I had my smear just over 3 weeks ago and I got my results yesterday saying HPV positive and borderline abnormal cell changes. (All past smears have come back normal) I’m worried it could be cervical cancer has I have been going back and forth to the doctors with abnormal bleeding for around a year, pelvic pain type period pain when I’m not on my period and sometimes when inserting tampons I have a pain in my cervix, doctors dismissed this has just part of my endometriosis but this has never happened in the last 10 years of being diagnosed with endometriosis. Within the last 3 weeks I have been getting an ache almost in my right kidney area and my right breast feels bruised and achy to touch especially the nipple. Too much information I know, I have no one to talk to my husband hasn’t even asked how I feel about the letter I received yesterday with the results saying I will be invited for a colposcopy. Am I overthinking this or not? Just really worried it could be more 

also I had a burst cyst around 5 weeks ago on my ovaries has had to have a scan due to pain and the bleeding from it but they said it was fine And recently been having pain in the right kidney area on and off and my right breast feels bruised to the touch and the nipple I can’t stand it too be touched but don’t know if related sorry for all the information 



I had the same results from my last smear, it's only my second one and my first one was normal. 

I know it's awful but try not to panic, I feel silly saying that cos I've been panicking about mine too. I'm pregnant and they can't do anything about it until after the baby is born...which is crap.

It might be that your other symptoms aren't linked at all... have you been to the docs about them? 

Melissa x