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Cervical erosion found at smear

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Cervical erosion found at smear

Hi all,
I'm new here but was struggling of somewhere to turn. All my friends and family are saying oh you'll be fine but tbh I'm scared.

Went for my smear on Wednesday, had 2 previous which have been fine. Nurse that was doing it explained that she seen a cervical erosion and that it's totally benign. Walked out thinking ok that's fine just wait on results, but I'm so stressed and worried they'll find something.

For nearly a year my periods have been a bit off, light one month, heavy the next, painful ovulation, lower pelvic pain, quite a bit of discharge (told nurse this and she said only discharge would be related to erosion), no bleeding between periods & wouldn't know about after sex. Had bloods and abdominal pelvic scan done and all normal. I suffer from anxiety which obvs inst helping matters.

Dreading the results of this one, also had spotting and cramping for around 12-18 hours after smear, all seems to have subsided now though.

Thanks in advance for reading.

Zoe Mum to a lg & a cat mum