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CIN 1 focal CIN 2

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CIN 1 focal CIN 2

Hey ladies has anyone had CIN 1 with focal CIN 2 changes? I am really anxious as my treatment has been put off because of COVID and they are not sure when my treatment will take place, it has been 6 months since my last colposcopy, how quickly can these cell changes develop? And can you develop cancer from pre cancerous cells quickly or does it take time? Im having sleepless nights about it now :(


Hi i am no expert at all but wanted to answer, only from what i recall the doctor telling me, if its Cin2 to Cin3 they have to give you colopscopy appt within 14days as it is extremely important that you are seen , i would think its positive that they have allowed yours to be delayed as they most not be as concerned ( not sure if thats the right way to say it as i know for yoo its very concerning, sorry) i hope all goes well for you when you finally get appointment, the hospital i went to two weeks ago said they were getting back to normal with appointments so i have my fingers crossed for you x