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hey.... my doc just found CIN2 in my cervix I don’t really know much about this (which is why I’m here) I got diagnosed with pre cancer cells when I was about 19 they didn’t remove them so I’m guessing they wasn’t at any risk I was meant to get checked every year but didn’t go back (I moved and didn’t go back for 5yesrs) So here I am just turned 24 and got checked and have CIN2 my doc found a lump so this is what I don’t understand is the lump pre cancerous or the cells? i had a smear and biopsy still waiting for smear results doc says I’m at high risk? And need treatment should I be worried? After the treatment what happens do I get more results or is that it then? And chances of them coming back is it high or low? Really bad over thinker to so doesn’t help and I googled.