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I have recently had my smear, which came as borderline changes, I attended colposcopy a few weeks later and was told I had nothing to worry about. I had colposcopy and consultant stated my cervix did look abnormal but there was no cancer there. However my results have come back from that as CIN3 with HPV. I’m now terrified as to what else they have missed, and do I have cancer that they have missed? I have my treatment coming up early September. Can anyone offer any advise and has anyone had similar experience? 


Advise and support please 




Hi, Please try not to worry - Cytology does not give a clear diagnosis as the cells are loose in a fluid, borderline is what they call cells if they see changes in them but not clear enough to make an accurate call. The CIN 3 was diagnosed on a biopsy of cervix - so this is the direct diagnosis. Cytology is just a guide to get you to Colposcopy in the first place. They will remove the CIN3 with a LLETZ (a slightly bigger biopsy) and make sure they have it all then you will be sured. The chance of finding cancer after Colposcopy and a biopsy is extremely remote.



I hope you don't mind me gate crashing this thread but I have had the opposite, I have had a severe dyskariosis smear but a mild to moderate punch biopsy? I am going in for LLETZ on Thursday and petrified that I am going to get another result and it be more serious as they will take away a larger area to biopsy.


Any advice would be gratefully recieved I hate all of this waiting it's really talking it's toll.