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Completely freaking out!

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Completely freaking out!

I had my smear on 4th feb, rang for my results today, receptionist says the dr needs to ring me to discuss the results. I haven't had a letter with any results etc. Im freaking as i always have abnormal results, had a colposcopy in 2012. Had abnormal results since then, was due to get another colposcopy in 2018 but i ended up pregnant so couldnt get it, i ended up losing my son in oct 2017. Im really just worried about why i havent had a letter and why the dr would need to discuss my results.


Hi,didn't want to read and run,sometimes Drs just want to give results in person,without any thing being wrong, so try not to worry too much,as you have had abnormal in past,he might just want to explain that it is still the same with no changes to help stop your worry(counter productive) i think they are trying to be more understanding of fear of results and by discussing in person you get to ask questions...rather than reading a letter,freaking out and having to wait 3wks to get appointment to ask questions lol....fingers crossed for a good results day......and if treatment is needed ya will be able to discuss it right then xx


 I hope it all went well lildemp.Xxx

Smear Dec 18 borderline cell changes HPV positive

Colposcopy 18th march 19

Punch biopsy 18th march 19


CIN3 found.....

AWAITING LLETZ appointment