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Concern about cervical cancer symptoms

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Concern about cervical cancer symptoms

I have recently been having quite a lot of blood spotting in my wee, after sex and also when I exercise. Sometimes this is more than just spotting but ends up being like blood clots! I went to see the GP, who made me feel like I was making my symptoms up as she couldn't find any blood in my urine on that particular day. I said I had concerns about the possibility of cervical cancer and she did an internal examination, at which point she appeared confused as to why I started bleeding. She has now referred me to colposcopy so I'm waiting on a date for that but in the meantime, I have started to have another symptom of pelvic pain, which feels a little like very low down period pain but also could be cystitis as I'm weeing more than usual.

I just wanted to check whether these symptoms sound familiar? Ever since seeing the GP, I feel like a fraud who is making it all up in my head. Can anyone help me?

Thanks xxx


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Hi fairyf76

Absolutely no need to feel a fraud not least because you have some abnormal bleeding which can be due to a range of reasons one of which is cervical cancer.  Regardless of how your GP came across, or how you feel about what she said or how she behaved, the important thing is she did her job by doing an internal exam and referring you for colposcopy.  Your GP practice would rather spend a miniscule amount of time referring you for a colposcopy than have you ignore yoor symptoms and become a patient with complex health needs (like me) as a result of an advanced cervical cancer that might easily have been prevented

As with abnormal  bleeding, pelvic pain can be due to a range of reasons and it's quite often the case we start thinking the worst when we're worrying that the cause is serious.  Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for your colposcopy and in the meantime if your symptoms get worse or you are still worried  get a GP appointment - maybe with another GP assuming there is more than one in your practice. GPs don't like patients who continually turn up because of coughs,colds and hangovers etc. but gynaecological and urinary symptoms do need clinical investigation.


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