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Confirmed CIN 3 with HPV changes

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Confirmed CIN 3 with HPV changes


Following recent Lletz procedure, my biopsy results came back with confirmed CIN3 cell changes and HPV changes but no sign of invasion which I am very pleased about. However my histology report also said involvement of crypts. 

I have been back to GP to find answers to some of my questions but he wasn’t exactly sure! So hoping some one on here might be able to help. 

Firstly, if there is evidence of HPV changes in the section of the cervix they removed, will this mean the test of cure in 4 months time will be positive? 

Also, I’ve read that involvement of the crypts mean higher chance of reacurance. Has anyone had a similar experience? 

I’m just worried that I will keep needing to have treatment as there is already evidence of HPV and involvement of crypts, both increasing the likely hood of further cell changes and at 27 I’m yet to start a family.