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Conflicting GP reports

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Conflicting GP reports

Last Friday I spoke to my GP regarding my abnormal smear results that stated I needed treatment, she proceeded to tell me they'd found cancerous cells that were aggressive

After a weekend of little sleep I called the doctors back and spoke to a different GP on Monday to reiterate to me and my husband what the results said and if I could have anything for the anxiety until my colposcopy on Monday 

This GP told me the smear found CGIN and there was no way to tell at this point if it was cancerous or not, asked him to repeat this several times and he read direct from the report, he said the other GP mentioned a letter in her notes but there wasn't one in my medical history so could have been my referral letter 

I'm in total limbo and Monday seems so far away, I can't understand if she was right in what she said about the cancer why other tests haven't been ordered


Hi, sorry you are going through this. I'm waiting on my scan next Monday but don't know what it is to determine. I hope someone comes along with some advice. Sending hugs xx


Hello Woody87 and Ilovetea

Anyone on here will tell you that the uncertainty of waiting for tests and results is really difficult and knowing facts and results and having a treatment plan will make you feel more certain of a way forward; apparently the human brain is wired to fear the worst. Colposcopy is a further part of the screening process and it enables the experts to take more tests and a closer look as to what is going on. Sometimes colposcopists are able to tell if cancer is present and there are people on here who have been told on the day that it looks like cancer but the colposcopists are likely to take a biopsy which will be sent to a lab for testing in which case there will be more waiting as the biopsy cells will need to be examined under a microscope; remember the screening process is designed to find and treat cell changes early on. I know it's scary! When I had a scan I was told on the day by a nurse that I had an ovarian cyst but the sonographer doing the scan didn't tell me there and then - I found out about 15 minutes later as part of the same appointment. I hope this information helps to clarify things a bit. I can recommend Jo's helpline if you feel the need for emotional support over the next few days as your appointment is imminent. The helpline is not normally open on a Sunday but will be open tomorrow and Saturday. I hope you find out more facts soon.

A x


Abnormal smear hpv & severe high grade dyskaryosis lletz Sept 2019 polyp & nabothian cyst. Results hpv & mild cell changes polyp innocent Repeat colposcopy Dec 2019 test of cure January 2020 no high risk HPV present , colposcopy June because of discrepancy between initial smear & lletz- June 2020 colposcopy  all clear; next smear in 3 yrs August 2020 post menopausal bleed; TV scan; bleed hrt related & found small ovarian cyst said will check in 4 months; Letter from hospital saying no longer needed 4 month check as cyst under 2cm & contact them if I develop pain (if cyst bursts?)