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Confused by results - no changes but colposcopy

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Confused by results - no changes but colposcopy


I've had abnormal smears with HPV present for the last 6 years, being recalled every 6 to 12 months with no treatment. In Spring 2020, I received Letz treatment and afterwards received a letter to say everything was removed and to return in 6 months for a smear.

I had my Follow up smear at the end of last year, and have received my results letter, but quite confused by what it says 

To summarise;

HPV is present

There were no changes found on my cervix but they would still like me to come into the clinic for a colposcopy to take a closer look at the cells.


I guess I just feel quite confused about why they want to see me if there aren't any changes. Has anyone else had a result like this?



Lemon Lavender

Hi cc, 


I've seen similar posts in the forum and my understanding is that every now and then they get you in for a closer look just to be doubly certain. Sending you hugs. X

11/1 Routine smear

26/1 LLETZ 

16/3 MDT - Biopsy sent for further tests

Diary of experience: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/forum/cervical-screening-smear-test/what-were-your-waiting-times