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Deeply worried

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Deeply worried

Hi everyone, hope you girls can give me some advice. So I had my smear test 5 weeks ago...2 weeks after my smear I found out I was pregnant! Unfortunately in the same week I lost the baby. I was only 5 weeks 6 days pregnant so very early. Havent had my smear test results back yet so called the department  he said there is a huge back log. He said that if I havent had them back by now it will be because I'm hpv positive and they will need to be looked at by cytology. Since hearing this I've been getting some twinges in my hips and ovaries ( probably just panicking) but I'm very worried, i have just felt my cervix and it feels awfully rough near the opening! I've had to symptoms of anything until I heard the news. No spotting no bloody discharge. I have two beautiful boys and I'm in a state of sheer panic. X I'm worried that this is going to be a bad smear and that's why I lost our little baby!! X