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Diagnosis journey?

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Diagnosis journey?

Hi all,

I've been experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding for several months. In the new year, the bleeding was almost continuous and I saw my GP at the end of February. She did a smear and ordered a pelvic ultrasound. My smear came back HPV negative. I had the ultrasound on Monday morning and had no concerns - it was over in about 20mins although the technician asked to do a vaginal scan 'just to get a better look.' My GP surgery phoned this morning and have asked for a telephone consultation and the earliest appointment is next Thursday. I know nobody here has a crystal ball but I I just wondered about anyone's experiences? Surely, if the scan was clear, they could just inform me of that straight away? I was told by the technician to expect the results in about a week - should I be concerned that they've come back sooner? But surely if it was anything serious, the GP would want to speak to me sooner than a week? Could anyone share their journey?

Lemon Lavender

Hi lovely, 


The waiting for results is always so painful. Could you call and speak to the receptionist tomorrow and ask if s/he is able to tell you the results?


Even if they can't tell you, if you express how anxious it is making you feel they may get you in for an appointment sooner. 


Please let us know how you get on x

11/1 Routine smear

26/1 LLETZ 

16/3 MDT - Biopsy sent for further tests

Diary of experience: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/forum/cervical-screening-smear-test/what-were-your-waiting-times


Thanks for the reply, Lemon. The receptionist said that she is not clinically qualified so can't comment. My instinct is that if the GP is happy for me to wait a week, then all is okay or it is something minor like cyst/fibroid. I just don't know. I suppose having to wait a week is a good sign....I hope!!!


Let us know how it goes for you Flower!  We can all relate to that awful feeling of waiting for results.

Jan 18 smear test - possible CGIN

Jan 18 colposcopy, cold coagulation, LLETZ - High grade CGIN

Feb 18 transvaginal ultrasound

Feb 18 second LLETZ booked to treat glandular involvement - no clear margins 

Jun 18 colposcopy with smear test - negative hpv result - negative 

May 19

  • Colposcopy with smear test - smear result - negative HPV result - negative

Hi there 


hope all is well I had similar story few years ago and turned out to be pcos they wouldn't tell me over the phone either I had to go in and speak with the doctor. I know everyone's different but fingers crossed it's along the same lines as that and nothing sinister x



I would have thought of it was anything more serious you would have a hospital appointment within a few days. If it's a GP appointment, if they have anything to discuss with you, it will surely be something that can be managed by your GP. It's horrible waiting for results. Try to take your mind off it (if you can!)