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Failed and painful smear trst

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Failed and painful smear trst

Hi I am 61 and went for my smear test on 10/2/19, I have always gone for routine smears with no problems just the discomfort and have always told people not to worry about going as it doesn't hurt.

Well this one was excruciating, 3 attempts and couldn't get near my cetvix, I felt like I was being burnt and scratched inside it was so painful. The nurse tried a different size speculum and lubrication and even sat on my fists to no avail. I felt traumatised afterwards and felt like crying. The nurse has said to come back in 2 weeks but I am scared of same thing happening. Can any one advise me if it is normal for nurse to stand at side of bed to insert this as there was no room at end of bed as it was against the wall. I have always had nurse at end of bed with a light so was wondering would this have caused the pain and also my age. 3 days later and I am still sore inside and stings when I have a wee. Any advice greatly appreciated