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Failed smear. Awaiting colposcopy

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Failed smear. Awaiting colposcopy


Hi everyone ,


New to this forum and i am after some advise.


I have had two lletz procedures my last being June 2019. In January i was booked in at my GP surgery for my smear to see if the lletz was successful. I ended up seeing 2 nurses and 1 doctor and all failed to complete a smear on me , saying my cervix was too high for them to reach.

I was therefore referred to the hospital for a colposcopy in March just before lockdown. I have been waiting since then and have been understanding due to the pandemic. However, i rang my GP the othe day to see if colposcopy's were now going ahead and he advised me to ring the referral helpline , which i did, to find out my referral had been cancelled due to the pandemic.

I am now in the process of trying to get hold of mt GP to do a new referral. I am getting a bit down about it now as obviously this smear was meant to be completed in January. It has now been a year since my lletz 


Is anyone in the same situation or can offer sny advise on what i can do ?


Thank you 

(Sorry for the long post)

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What a frustrating and worrying situation for you!  I don't see why you should need to get another referral from your GP.  Rather, I think, the colposcopy clinic should be rescheduling so that referred patients do eventually get appointments.  If it were me I would try ringing the referral helpline again and ascertain if they can in fact reschedule you for an appointment - probably worth pointing out that you are already well overdue for your check up.  I'm not sure if this will help or not, but that's my view on the subject.


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I agree with Jazza - try phoning the hospital referral line again or the colposcopy clinic or the gynaecology department or your clinical nurse specialist if you have one. Some hospitals (like mine).put appointments on hold for a bit but then started to run clinics again. (for example my appointment in June.) I think that different hospitals are running differently depending on the local covid infection rate and staffing but if you ask your GP to re-refer you you could be going back to square one so I would advise you to phone the hospital first. I hope you manage to get it sorted. It's terrible to have it hanging over you. 


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Thank you for your replies. I have been constantly trying to chase my doctor but i get as far as the receptionist who says it is the secretary dealing with it and will contact me for any updates. I tried ringing the colposcopy clinic at the hospital i was originally referred to but the line cuts out