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Fear of reoccurrence with new symptoms

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Fear of reoccurrence with new symptoms

 Hi all!

long time reader, first time user!

breif history of myself (if I may)

at the age of 17 a full hysterectomy was suggested (which my mother of course refused)

cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, those horrible, horrible pains that send you to the hospital, where you’re absolutely convinced it’s an appendix bursting.

Multiple laparoscopies and D and C’s.

age 26 (2011) I was diagnosed with stage what my doctor called stage 2? (I’m slightly ashamed to admit I had forgotten the details, perhaps I should google it to be more so prepared? Lol, truth be told, before children I just accepted whatever will be, will be.  Now that I have children, I’m petrified of its potential to return)

5 months after my surgery I had gotten pregnant (after years of being told I would never be able to conceive, I now have 2 miracle babies!)

after my first, everything had left!

normal long heavy periods, no haemorrhaging, no endo, and no pain! Yay

i have been cancer free with each text since.

Two months ago I had missed my period.  My dog passed away, my grandpa has cancer, brother is moving away, just a bunch going on all at once.

Ive never been regular, so it seemed normal to me.

i have had my lovely menstrual bleeding since July 31.

it has lightened up twice, enough for intercourse, which then leads to post coital bleeding, and not light either...

i have not so nice cramps, find my left thigh often feels like a charlie horse, and I’m sick of bleeding.

im tired, I’m a solo parent and I feel like my 5 cups of coffee are barely getting me through the day.

anyone have any reoccurrence with cervical cancer?

did you have similar symptoms?

im trying my darndest not to worry, but after being there, and doing that, it’s kind of hard not to?

thanks in advance everyone, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this :)

ps. Sorry for the novel

pps. My phone did not auto correct my i’s and it’s rather annoying to read, but im too lazy to fix it, sorry!!


**quick edit***

 Blood work was completed, awaiting results. Ultrasound has been booked :)