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Feeling rotten two weeks after lletz

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Vicky b
Feeling rotten two weeks after lletz

Hi, I'm a new poster but have read this forum for a while. I had my lletz treatment done last Monday (12/8) it was the second day of my period but they went ahead as there was mild to servers dyskosis. I went back to work the day after, I felt flat but able to work (I work in a centre for people with profound disabilities so there's a lot of hoisting in and out of wheel chairs into equipment and onto beds) I had quite heavy watery discharge with a little blood for the first week and my period seemed to stop which I expected however for the past three days I've had bright red discharge with a few small clots, today I've had a little cramping and while at work was sick and went very hot and sweaty. I've never experienced anything like this before (I've had lletz 2 times previously) I was just wondering if anyone else has anything similar? Usually after two weeks I've been fine but I've never had treatment while on my period before. Sorry for rambling! 



I have to say my experience has been that I had very little bleeding until day 10 then heavy bleeding with some small clots for 2-3 days which did tail off to period like bleeding for another week. My second lletz was a top hat lletz so more invasive,I had quite moderate bleeding from the procedure and bled for 4 weeks. My second lletz was only 6 weeks after my first so I presumed the increased length of bleeding was probably due to my cervix being man handled quite a lot over a short period of time. Neither time I had an infection.

However,the fact you have vomited and feel so unwell makes me suspicious that you may have an infection. Maybe call your GP or colposcopy clinic xxx

11th March 2019- 1st ever abnormal smear. (Never missed a smear)

1st May 2019 - Colposcopy with LLETZ

9th May 2019 - diagnosis ?1B Villoglandular adenocarcinoma and high grade CGIN;

22nd and 23rd May 2019 - MRI/CT

29th May - MDT meeting. MRI/CT clear. Amount of tumour 1A stage.

13th June 2nd LLETZ with top hat procedure 

3rd July Confirmed staging 1A1, clear margins on 2nd LLETZ. Scheduled for laparoscopic hysterectomy, keeping ovaries.

29/8/19 Total Laproscopic hysterectomy with ovarian conservation.

26/9/19 pathology confirms NED:-)