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First routine smear since LLETZ... Nervous!!

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First routine smear since LLETZ... Nervous!!


Am looking for some advice...

I'm 28, and was a good girl and had my first smear when invited approaching my 25th birthday. It showed CIN3 so I had a LLETZ and the follow-up was all clear.

But I've had some odd symptoms for a little while. My periods are usually regular, but 9 months ago they became erratic, my 28 day cycle stretching to 60 days, and still is between 40-60 days in length. I've also had some infrequent stabbing pelvic pains for at least a year now, which I've logged and appear not to be related to ovulation etc. I had an internal ultrasound and everything is fine. Part of me feels like I'm going mad and the pain isn't that bad, it only lasts a few seconds and can be quite mild - but then it happens severely and it takes me by surprise. It can shoot down my leg and make me stop in my tracks. I've not really had any spotting or pain during sex, so those are positives.

Also, a few months ago when I went to give blood they found my iron levels to be low. After a blood test they found my ferratin levels to be 3 (theyre supposed to be 15-300) and sent me up a&e for a transfusion (which luckily wasnt needed as iron supplements had kicked in). Anaemia may not have been related at all, but I felt like I was falling apart. At this point I was thinking I had endometriosis, especially because my nan did, and needed a hysteroctomy at 30, or that I had PCOS, because my sister does, but my scan hadn't shown signs of this.

My GP had referred me to gynae and I was prepared for them to mention laproscopy - but they weren't too helpful; didn't offer any cause or further investigation, just said to take paracetamol for the pain and to try a hormonal contraception for a few months to kickstart the periods. They said having 6 periods a year was quite good, but if I was trying for a baby then they would consider alternative treatment. They were happy that the scan had been clear and so discharged me.

I am feeling split; part of me feels like I have been fobbed off and that I should pursue this, because if it is something that could affect my fertility I would want to know sooner rather than later... But part of me also thinks to stop worrying, that the scan was fine, and to trust them and to let go, plus I knew I had this smear due soon and I thought that's probably the last test left to do.

Obviously as a millenial I've Googled everythiiing in great depth, and my symptoms don't quite match IBS, endo, PCOS, nor any of the female cancers, so I guess I feel a bit like it's all in my head. Weirdly, my period not turning up on time is a strange comfort that there is some objective thing (rather than pain) that I can point to and think to myself, no, something is a little off, and I'm not making it up!!

Since gynae discharged me I have tried to forget about it, so have stopped logging the pains, worrying and googling, thinking that I want to focus on wellness, rather than what is wrong. I have also got some hormonal contraception, and am considering the FODMAP diet to help me reduce bloating and IBS (and possibly the pains if they are related in any way). But I now my smear is booked I am feeling nervous again.

Writing this has been real helpful to get it all out in a logical way, and I do think I'll discuss the gynae appointment with my GP but any wise words are really appreciated!