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?glandular neoplasia result on smear test anyone?

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?glandular neoplasia result on smear test anyone?


Has anyone ever received this result on their smear test? Query Glandular Neoplasia, or ?Glandular Neoplasia.

If so please could you reply and let me know what happened next and what the outcome is or was for you.

Many thanks


I had CGIN ... my journey is quite long and not normal so I don’t want to comment too much.

Often a Lletz procedure is enough to clear it .. I had a large area removed by lletz and apart from feeling a little dizzy and very small amount of bleeding it was very uneventful .. back to my physical job in 2 days!

Jan 19

trip to gynae due to irregular bleeding over a number of years ... silver nitrate unsuccessful 


april 19 colposcopy booked for cold coagulation gynae disagreed with this treatment and took biopsy 


may19. Biopsy results high grade CGIN


june 19 lletz performed .. minimal bleeding after lower back pain after 10 days

August 19 unclear margins September referral to mdt .. September 19 hysterectomy recommended November 19 keyhole hysterectomy (ovaries kept)