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GP said no to a smear or colposcopy

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GP said no to a smear or colposcopy

Hi all

I'm really frustrated. I've had no bleeding at all but had a lot of lower back/pelvic pain that comes and goes plus aching, also pain when having sex. Some itching of the vagina too but not excessively. I went for a GP appointment and she did a speculum exam where she found ectropion that bled a little when she touched it. The actual speculum exam was unbelievably painful upon insertion, and especially when she was turning it to manipulate the cervix. Like burning, please stop kind of pain. I asked if that was normal and she said "yes these exams are often uncomfortable" but I'm talking PAIN not just discomfort. She felt my stomach and said it was all normal. 

She said aside from that my vagina looked okay and the cervix seemed otherwise fine. The ectropion was small but there was a lot of discharge so did a swab and sent a urine sample away because I'd had burning when peeing on and off so could be a urine infection and potentially vaginal infection too. She said she couldn't do a smear test because I'm only 23 years old and it doesn't help if you're having symptoms (which is fine I guess) but then she said she couldn't refer me for a colposcopy either because I'm not having vaginal bleeding (even though my cervix bled when she touched it??) plus other than the ectropion she didn't see anything abnormally wrong with my cervix.

I don't really know what else to do. It doesn't feel right to be having these symptoms especially when they're all symptoms of cervical cancer. I've scared myself silly by googling and convincing myself that I have cancer! The exam was a few hours ago and my vagina is still sore!

Any advice would be appreciated 


Hi Olivia,

I'm sorry you have been through all that. First things first ...stop googling! 

The reason smears aren't offeres to under 25's is that generally alot of women will have cell changes at a young age but they will usually right themselves with no intervention. So if they did them younger it would result in alot of treatments being done to remove the cells which in most (obviously not all) cases would actually be overkill. 

With regards to the symptoms I'm not an expert by any means, but the cervix bleeding is quite a common thing after an exam, especially if you have an infection for example. So that in itself isn't necessarily a red flag but hopefully the bleeding stopped after a day or so? 

Have you had any news since? My advice would be listen to your body, if you aren't happy with the answers given ask for a second opinion and keep pushing for it x 


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Could it be a UTI that has been left untreated to long and spread up to your kidneys? Because in your earlier post you were talking about failing kidneys. 

Usually CC makes you have bleedings, like alot. Also big blood clots. You start to hemorrhage. Its normal to bleed in a pelvic exam. I also still bleed after every check up. 

I also dont really like a speculum, i dont know how it feels when they turn the speculum but i can imagine it wouldnt feel so good. 

Maybe go for a second opinion?

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