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Help :( Abnormal smear, Hpv

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Help :( Abnormal smear, Hpv

Hi everyone. 

I had a smear test done recently and within a week received that dreaded letter stating 'abnormal cells' and that a colposcopy appointment would follow. The letter arrived on Saturday afternoon...so of course nowhere was open. No one for me to speak to or ask questions. Both me and my partner completely fell apart as I have had a lot of problems with irregular bleeding and abdominal pain. 


Work was out of the question for me. Got an appointment with the nurse on Monday morning after being in pieces all weekend. Nurse confirmed Moderate changes and HPV positive and tried to reasurre me it was NOT cancer. Due to my anxiety especially due to the problems Id had prior to this result she recommended a phone consultation with the dpctor the next day.


As she had put my mind at ease a little tiny bit, the doctor seemed to undo all this. I told him about the pains but he basically said i was freaking out and that things only go downhill very quickly after the second abnormal smear...WTF. why would you say this. He then put me on light duty in work because of my anxieties in waiting for the appointment. I work in a prison so I appreciated this as my job is difficult on the best of days, without something like this hanging over me. But this again worried me even more. 


Still no sign of the colposcopy appointment, i feel sick amd literally break down several times a day. This site has literally been keeping me going and giving me faith. Everyone ive told just says "oh this happens to loads of women, its nothing, my sisters friends cousins best friend from school had this" usual type of crap that doesnt help. Jist afyer a bit of support from people in the same mind frame. Pre colposcopy. Pre results. Pre any peace of mind....


Thank you in advance x


Hey it’s horrible I had my first smear last may ans within 2weeks came back sever changes I was shocked went to the coloscopy and had CIN3 had LLETZ 6weeks later all clear on 6month checks back tomorrow my only advice is try not to google it and talk to people I’d say don’t worry but it can’t be helped big hugs xx


Thank you for replying! How did it go yesterday? Hope all is well. How lomg do they keep you on the 6 month check ups for? I just feel like i wont be able to chill at all until I know for sure whats happening and that probably wont be for a good y months :( how did you cope with this waiting around? I literally feel like im losing it! Xxx


Hi I’m in the same situation as you abonemeal reaults and hpv positive doctor told me not to worry it’s only slight changes but I have pain after sex and suffer with bottom back ache but she said that won’t b connected but can’t gelp panicking when I go for my colopsy they might. Say it’s worse than what they thought


Exactly my worries! They keep saying oh it will be fine but ive read so much about how much worse things can turn out to be at the colposcopy. Still no letter with the appointment so my other half phoned the hospital and got me one for the 22nd. So another 2 weeks of literally falling apart. Do you know when your appointment is yet ? Xxx


Hey.. I had the same exact result with my smear. 

Im going for my colposcopy on Thursday.. says it my letter that could get treatment the same day, so for peace of mind I’ve told my manager I won’t be back in that day. 


When is your colposcopy booked for? Try not to get too worked up (as easy as that sounds). I panic so much when I first found out but I’ve relaxed a bit knowing if it was sinister, I’m sure I’d know by now! 


Always here if you need to talk xxx


How did it go ? Mine is tomorrow and my head is completely gone now. Im so scared. Xxx


I’m still waiting on my results the wait in between each thing was horrible and I think it’s one clear Pap test but I’m unsure how you feeling x


My colposcopy is tomorrow and im completely falling apart. Just want to know what is going on so i can breathe, coz i havent felt like ive been able to since getting that letter. It was supposed to be on the 22nd but then got a letter and they moved it to the 27th , addiding another week of stress xxx


Hi im In A Similar position I am awaiting a colcoscopy  I had my first ever smear test on feb 14th (I’m 24) and it came back as high risk hpv and mild dyskaryosis!! I am so shocked i didnt even really think about why I was going for a smear just went as I got a letter! I’m so worried but I’m trying not to seem bothered to people around me and trying to be positive as I can 


How did your colcoscopy go?? Xx

Lily Trygg

Same boat as you girl!! I’m 22 and this is my 2nd smear tes and the 1st one with an abnormal result. The test was supposed to include the HPV reflex but my results doesn’t show a positive or negative to it. Doctor told me to wait a year for a follow up!! (Which I’m not going to wait that long and I’m going to do it every 6 months) 


I read that they do not tend to test for hpv in girls under 25 as majority will have the infection but I don’t know how true this is! I think the wait is definately the worst bit as I just want to know what’s going on! 

Yeah Definitely don’t wait yearly every 6 months will defo our your mind more at ease! Xx 


Hi guys! I'm going through similar things. 26 and I've had 2 abnormal smears and 2 biopsies both showing CIN 2 but they've told me they'll see me in a year!!! No treatment offered! How were all your results???