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HELP! Normal results but visual changes my doc saw with naked eye

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HELP! Normal results but visual changes my doc saw with naked eye

Okay, so because I am going crazy I will give the full story incase anyone had something similar happen and they can relate and tell me i'm not crazy!

In 2010/2011 I was pregant with my daughter during a check my doctor found carcinoma in situ, in order to properly diagnoise they did a pap and a biopsy the pap was abdornal showing signs of changes which is why I got the biopsy to confirm. I was then sent to a specialist to monitor me during my pregnancy where they did a ton more tests. I was young and worried. They talked about doing a LEEP and a CONE? (I don't know the spelling) they decided to monitor it and let me get as far as possible as I have a very thin cervix naturally and if they performed the procedure I would loose my daughter and not be able to carry another child. That coupled with me already having issues from being RH- and her being RH+ the pregnancy was rough with visits and exams. All came out well and 6 months after giving birth the carcinoma in situ cleared up on its own and yearly paps all came back showing normal and everything was on the up and up test wise.

HERES THE KICKER! When she was 18 months old I started having tons of pains down there and my stomach hurt like all the time, went to my doctor and she told me and all but accused my husband or myself of cheating and getting an STD, all the results came back negative and I wasn't about to sit there and be told I was lie and making up symptoms so I was another doctor they sent me to get scans and while my paps were normal they found issues with adhesions and a nasty little apendix going on.

Fast forward to 2015 we want another baby and after a year of trying I finally  get pregnat with losts of progestron and help from the doctors only to have to get a DNC that was unneeded because the whole time the pregnancy was eptopic and doctors suck apparently my left tub is faultly or something and sucks. Two monthly later I'm pregnant with my son and deal with preterm labor and a host of magnesium rounds and horribleness but now have a healthy baby boy.

Now after I have him, I get that IUD, keep it for a total of 6 weeks because it hurts and I mean hurts so bad I can't move with that thing in. They take it out and I'm good for about a year. Now I got told when they took it out and she did my pap that everything was normal and fine, 3 years and come back no issues.

I don't do my yearly checks, I don't see my results in my portal but all my blood tests from my pregnancy isseus from my son are all there. My period starts coming sooner and sooner, I get pains with intercourse, I have lower back pain like no one buisness, ovulation starts killing me like periods do, migranes starts happening like no one buisness, discharge starts up, now my period instead of being 3-4 days is lasting 3 days stops for a day then i get 2 days of clots nothing but clots and lining. Now it is just lasting for 8 dyas straight, and if i have sex i'm in for a week of pressure down there to the point it isn't even worth it, and i will get a blasting mirgrane if i reach climax.

In the middle of all these systems coming together I did go get the migranes treated so I do have meds for those and I went to the chiropractor for my back. I orignally thought my migrane meds were the issue with the periods and didn't think anything else of anything. But then I had my physical with my doctor who is treating me for my migranes because she told me she can do that too and asked me to get it done when it was time for the 3 year check. I told her about my periods, now typically when I get a pap I have to sit on my hands and do this weird make my cervix come up to the right angle, because like i said before it is natually thin and it tips back so i have to move myself up; i'm also natually uncomformtable with all this crap, like who isn't...

SHE DIDN'T NEED ANY OF THAT! She put in the speculum and looks in and jumps back and starts firing off questions about past paps asking if they were normal and my history asking if I've had cysts, ulcers, lesions, anything of note on my cervix before. Of course I'm not rattling off while shes talking to herself inside of me and as soon as she starts taking her samples it is like giving child birth without meds down there it hurts so bad.

Now for the other crap tastic part, blood work is normal all but my MVP on the CBC pannel it is way too high which means I have a ton of young platlets, this apperently is a new thing on my blood work since 2016, never been seen in my medical records before then. As for my pap and hpv test negative/normal, she even ran the new DNA test for HPV and it came back negative. BUT she told me she saw extreme changes on my cervix, how can my cervix be normal and she see visiable changes with her naked eye that have her running all these tests and they come back with all normals, and it be nothing but I have all these symptoms?

You could tell she was taken aback, she even told me to try and stay calm until the tests came back and we knew what we were dealing with and we would handle it together, but how can we do that when the tests aren't telling us anything?

Sammie Joe