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I had my smear done few weeks ago and not had results bk yet as my GP said there is backlog but when I had my smear the nurse noticed I had cysts around my cervix she did say the name but she said they will go on there own but last time I had my period I was 2 months late I warned the nurse about my period been late then two days after smear my period started my period is due again and am late again am now worried it could be the cysts making my period late all the time I worry a lot about cancer not seeing my GP till Thursday and I no I will forget to tell her about my worries.i have mental health anxiety and depression since my mum died last march on mother's Day I also have health anxiety  I worry about cancer every little symptoms I get I worry.but for past few months due to other issues  I have been more irritated and sensitive  crying all the time I can't concentrate on anything  my mind over thinks I am 44  I don't no if it's start of menopause or with what's going on in my life I constantly have thoughts going threw my head  I really have had enough

lynn davy


Hi lynni,

It might be best to write down your worries and questions and take them with you to the Dr on Thursday.

It probably is the cysts causing your late period but the Dr will be able to diagnose that hopefully.

Do you have any other symptoms? I'm sure your results will be ok.

Big hugs and deep breaths

March 2019 - low grade dyskaryosis.

April 2019 - colposcopy and punch biopsy.

May 2019- Results show HPV changes only. No CIN - follow up smear in 3 years.