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High risk HPV

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High risk HPV

Hi everyone,

I was scrolling and scrolling through the forums last night looking for reassurance after receiving my smear tests over the phone via a GP receptionist.

A little history; 

2016 - first smear (age 25) normal

2020 - Abnormal smear and HPV - turned out to be CIN1 repeat smear in a year

2021 - Cells regressed to normal but high-risk HPV.

I've recently turned 29 and I haven't been sexually active since my early 20s, I was upset last year by the HPV positive result however I convinced myself it would go away. I realise it's good the cells have returned to normal, but if anything I'm more upset that the HPV has shown up again a year later and find myself questionning how long I've had it and convincing myself I might have had it ages if I'm not sexually active. I've traulled google and read it should clear up and I've convinced myself it's never going to clear.

Has anyone else had any experience of the cells regressing a year on but still HPV high-risk? Or anyone had any experience of HPV showing up for a few years on smears but finally clearing? 

I've been worrying myself excessively since yesterday, I'm also single and worry about future relationships, not that that's a possibility at the moment in lockdown, but if anyone has positive experiences of this or reassurance I'd be really grateful.

I've also been reading up on AHCC for helping the immune system to fight it off, something I thought about last year but with covid etc it kind of got pushed aside. Has anyone had any experience of taking ahcc, or any other immune support that was of benefit? I'm determined to try and help my body fight it off once I get a better understanding of HPV.

Thank you in advance.